Floating Market in Ayutthaya to Re-Open at Christmas

One of the hardest hit of the tourist attractions in Central Thailand during the recent floods was Ayothaya Floating Market (see map). When I went back to Ayutthaya last month after much of the floodwater had gone down, I found that the floating market was still under 2-3 meters of water. I was back there again last weekend and found that it has now been drained out. However, the majority of the shops were devastated. The good news is, that the shop vendors told me that they plan to re-open the floating market on Christmas weekend. I will confirm this again nearer the time.

This was the second year in a row that they were hit by floods. Last year, although it wasn’t as high and only lasted a month, they weren’t given any warning and they lost all of their stock. This year they were able to save their stock first, but the floods lasted a full two months. The water was also much higher this time and also damaged their ceilings and light fittings. But. they are determined to carry on. Quite a few shopkeepers were out last weekend repairing their shops and plan to carry on as if nothing happened.

Ayothaya Floating Market is a great place to eat Thai food and watch cultural shows. If you are planning on going to Ayutthaya soon then please visit the market and help support these people who were badly effected by the floods. Places like Ayutthaya rely heavily on the tourist dollar and for several months no-one came to visit. Click here to read my review of the market from earlier this year.

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