Klong Suan Market Fair 4-6 May 2013


Klong Suan 100 Year Market dates back to the reign of King Rama V. The market was conveniently located on the canal that ran between Chachoengsao and Pratunam in Bangkok. With the coming of land transport and the building of highways, the importance of the market dwindled. However, during recent years, the market has been revitalised and is now firmly on the tourist trail for Bangkokians who are looking for a day out from the capital. During the upcoming long weekend from 4-6 May 2013, there will be a fair in the market.


The market in Klong Suan is worth going during any weekend. However, as they have special activities going on this weekend it makes sense to go during this event. It is also a good place for keen photographers as there are a number of old traditional shops with their original facades and shop signs. Of particular interest is the coffee shop and the old barbers shop. There are also some old characters there who have been running their shops for numerous decades. I think it is great that the market is a blend of the old and new. Something for everyone. Not just for tourists as local people come here to shop, much like their grandparents used to do.


Some guidebooks and tourist agencies, like the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), place this tourist attraction in Chachoengsao Province. Though really, the main stretch is in Samut Prakan Province.  I think it would take you only 45 minutes by taxi from On Nut Sky Train station. The market is on Soi On Nut-Lat Krabang just before it reaches the border with Chachoengsao.  I have posted more information and a map on www.Paknam.com – Visit that website for what to see and do in Samut Prakan.


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