Foreign Embassies Release Travel Warnings for Bangkok for 4-9 August 2013


At least three foreign embassies have released travel warnings for their citizens for this weekend in Bangkok and for the coming days. There will be a debate in Parliament on Wednesday 7 August about a controversial amnesty bill. That whole area around Parliament and Government House will be in lockdown from now until at least 10th August. There is no immediate threat to tourists. However, it is not advisable to visit tourist attractions like Vimanmek Teak Mansion, Dusit Zoo, The Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall and The Marble Temple during this period. However, the Grand Palace, The Reclining Buddha and The Golden Mount are not in any danger zones. This also includes popular shopping districts such as Siam Square and Ratchaprasong. It is also not advisable to visit any of the protest sites. The People’s Army have set up a camp on the outskirts of Lumpini Park.

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The Thai Government has decided to impose the Internal Security Act (ISA) in three districts of Bangkok from Thursday 1st August to Saturday 10th August. These districts are Dusit, Phra Nakhon and Pomprap Satruphai and are marked on the above map in blue. The main focus of attention for protesters will be Parliament and Government House. However, due to the ISA, they are not allowed to protest in this area. In addition, all roads marked in red have either been closed or have restricted access until further notice. It is advisable to avoid all areas on this map with a red marker. I have marked nearby tourist attractions with purple markers. The only known protest site at the moment is on the outskirts of Lumpini Park which is close to the Silom shopping and nightlife district.


Here are the travel warning that have been released so far by foreign embassies. I will add more as and when I find them. Please post in the comments if you spot them before me.

BRITISH EMBASSY: The political situation in Thailand is unpredictable and sometimes volatile. Over recent years there have been instances of civil and political unrest resulting in large demonstrations and in some cases violence. Take care at all times and avoid any demonstrations or large gatherings. A number of political demonstrations are planned to take place on Sunday 4 August mainly focused in the Dusit, Pom Prab, and Phra Nakorn districts of Bangkok. Several tourist attractions are located in these 3 districts including the Grand Palace and Wat Po. Authorities in Thailand have implemented the Internal Security Act from 1-10 August, which will lead to an increased security presence in these locations and there may be local disruption to traffic during this time. You should avoid large gatherings and demonstrations.

CANADIAN EMBASSY: The Thai government has activated the Internal Security Act from August 1 to 10, 2013, in the Bangkok districts of Phra Nakhon, Dusit and Pomprab Sattruphai, in preparation for possible political demonstrations. There will be an increased security presence in these districts where a number of tourist attractions are located, including the Grand Palace and Wat Po. Political demonstrations staged by pro- and anti-government groups frequently occur. Some demonstrations have led to violent clashes, sometimes involving the use of explosive devices. Several deaths and injuries have resulted from past clashes. Further demonstrations, civil unrest, sporadic violence and attacks remain a risk anywhere in the country at any time. Demonstrations, which have the potential to suddenly turn violent, are often accompanied by a heightened police and military presence as well as traffic delays and roadblocks. Avoid all demonstrations and large gatherings, military installations, and concentrations of security personnel. Follow the advice of local authorities and remain informed of current issues by monitoring local media.

DUTCH EMBASSY: In verband met de behandeling van de amnestiewet in het Thaise parlement en daaraan gerelateerde verwachte demonstraties heeft de Thaise regering in drie districten in Bangkok de Internal Security Act (ISA) uitgevaardigd. De ISA is van kracht tot en met 10 augustus 2013 en geldt voor de districten Phra Nakhon, Dusit en Pomprab Sattruphai. Wees alert, demonstraties zouden ook in andere districten van Bangkok kunnen plaatsvinden. Reizigers worden geadviseerd extra waakzaam te zijn en de instructies van de lokale autoriteiten op te volgen.

All pictures are from protests in November 2012. I will change them as soon as I can taken new ones.

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