Pae Pan Rai is a new tourist attraction in Nong Khai


The northeastern province of Nong Khai has unveiled a new tourist attraction in Rattanawapi Sub-district. Covering an area of 5,000 rai, the new tourist spot, named Pae Pan Rai (แพพันไร่), features a large swamp and beautiful scenery. The place became a must-visit among locals and tourists immediately after its debut. Visitors can rent a raft to indulge in the charming nature, or treat themselves to tasty food offered by local restaurants. The introduction of Pae Pan Rai is a collaborative effort by villagers in Rattanawapi Sub-district who agreed to develop the community swamp into a new attraction and a new source of income. GPS: 9.029517, 98.698440

Source: National News Bureau & Public Relations



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