What to expect for New Year celebration at CentralWorld in Bangkok

Central Pattana, the Ministry of Culture and the Tourism Authority of Thailand have announced that they will hold the New Year’s Eve and New Year 2017 celebration event called “Candle lights of Siam @ Central World” on 31st December 2016.  Thai people and foreign tourists are invited to light candles and participate in a crossover night to 2017 and a prayer service to venerate the nation, the King and the royal family. There will also be a spectacular light and sound performances and A Tribute to the King of Jazz in the largest outdoor concert performed by the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra.  In addition, the artists participating in the countdown event are such as artists from Spicy Disc; Kor POP, Mild, The Pakinson, Laongfong, Helmethead, the Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra, Room 39, and Korean Boy Band Three One Six (316).

This is the schedule that I have recently received. Please note, there are no fireworks this year:

18.30 – 19.30 hrs. Show 1: Fong Naam Band,Pinta Nattanich Rattanasaereekiet and a choir of disabled people
19.30 – 20.15 hrs. Show 2: 316 Three One Six and Show 3: Room 39
20.15 – 20.45 hrs. Show 4: A show from the Ministry of Culture called ‘Phae Ree Si Siam Amnuey Pohn’ (Blessing Siam) by a group of Ratchapruk artists
20.55 – 21.00 hrs. The Master of Ceremonies lights the candles and incense in front of the royal portrait of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej
21.00 – 21.05 hrs. Remembering the divine grace of the late King Rama IX (89 seconds of silence)
21.05 – 22.00 hrs. Master of Ceremonies joins in the singing of ‘The Impossible Dream’ performed by SpicyDisc
Show 5: Spicy Disc > Kor POP, Mild, The Parkinson, Laongfong, Helmethead
22.00 – 23.45 hrs. Show 6: Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra and Kittinan Chaichana (The Voice) Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra and Kob Saowanit
23.45 – 00.00 hrs. Crossover into 2017; a prayer service (Namotasa… x 3 + Itipiso…)
00.00 – 00.08 hrs. There will be nine beats of a gong and everyone will sing the ‘Porn Pee Mai, New Year Greeting Song’ along with the highlight of the ‘Sending Greeting Cards to Father in the Sky’ show. Praise glory in front of the portrait of King Rama 10
00.09 hrs. Lighting the candles to venerate the nation and to honourall kings and to bless our lives
00.09 – 00.30 hrs. A New Year welcoming prayer service with a blessings mantra of Chaiya Mongkol Katha (Pa Hung…) dedicated to the great kings of every dynasty, the royal family, Thailand, family and oneself
00.30 hrs. End

There will also be a parade of 8 deities in Ratchaprasong on 31st December from 8.30am – 11.00am (click here) and to welcome the first day of the year, there will be a chance to offer food to monks on the morning of 1st January 2017 at 7am.

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