Ayutthaya World Heritage Fair from 27 January to 5 February 2017

In remembrance of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Ayutthaya province will hold its biggest event of the year, “Ayutthaya World Heritage Fair,” from 27 January to 5 February 2017. This year’s event will be respectfully toned down and will feature a water curtain that displays the late King Bhumibol’s many duties, as well as a music and fireworks show.

The event will feature various activities, such as a cultural area, Buddha amulet contest, cultural caravan, water curtain display, Red Cross fair, and more. Members of the public who would like to have an experience of the nighttime spectacle are invited to visit after sunset and enjoy the city’s light decorations.

Source: Foreign Office, The Government Public Relations

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