THAI launches four direct flights per week from Beijing to Phuket

The newly-launched THAI flight TG 685 from Beijing to Phuket recently landed for the first time at Phuket International Airport. There are four direct flights per week from Beijing to Phuket, departing at 5:55 am local time and arriving at 10:30 am. Four flights from Phuket to Beijing are also available each week, departing at 10:05 pm and arriving at 4:40 am. The Boeing 787 being used for the flight has a total of 262 seats.

The national flag carrier launched the Beijing-Phuket route as part of the “Phuket Express” campaign, aiming to boost the number of Chinese travelers in Phuket as well as revenue from the group. Chinese tourists account for the largest number of arrivals in Phuket. In 2015, over 2.25 million people flew in from China, increasing from the previous year by almost 77 percent.

Source: National News Bureau & Public Relations

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