The Steam Train trip on 23 October 2017 has been cancelled

The annual steam train trip from Bangkok to Ayutthaya on 23rd October 2017 has been cancelled. The decision was made by the State Railway of Thailand to cancel the trip as the country is in mourning for King Bhumibol. His funeral will take place from 25th to 29th October.

The steam train trip is an annual favorite for steam train enthusiasts. It takes place every year on Chulalongkorn Day. King Rama V is considered the “father” of Thai Railway as the first lines were built during his reign. The next scheduled steam train trip is for King Buhmibol’s anniversary birthday on 5th December 2017. As of yet, we don’t know if this will be cancelled as well. I suspect that this one will go ahead. But I will update here once I get confirmed news.

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