Phu Lamduan is a new tourist spot in Loei to view the sea of mist

Phu Lamduan is a new tourist attraction in Loei province where you can go to observe the sea of mist during the winter months in Northeastern Thailand. The view from the mountain top, which is 368 meters above sea level, is fantastic in all directions, but looking towards the Mekong River is particularly beautiful. The best time to view the sea of mist is between 6am and 9am. Over the weekend, the temperature was as low as 9 degrees Celsius. The viewpoint is about three kilometers from Pak Chom and 90 kilometers from Loei town. You can pitch your own tents for 20 Baht per tent or hire a tent and mattress for 200 Baht per tent. From the car park you can walk to the top in about half an hour. Or catch a lift for about 50 Baht. Contact Suranan Sareepim, the head of Ban Pak Chom village for more information on 08 0009 6637.

Top photo: Aekkaluk Saengmanee

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