Nakhon Sawan Chinese New Year festival from 9-20 February 2018

The large Thai-Chinese community in Nakhon Sawan will be celebrating the Chinese New Year this year from 9-20 February 2018. Chinese New Year’s Eve is on Thursday 15 February with Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day on Friday 16th February. But, what makes this event special are the festival parades. These are among the biggest in the country and well worth experiencing if you are in the area. They take place a few days into the new year. The first parade of the deities is in the evening of Sunday 18th February. The second parade is in the morning on Monday 19th February.

The Nakhon Sawan Chinese New Year and Chao Pho-Chao Mae Paknam Pho Tradition is a grand annual festival that has been passed through generations since ancient times and has become well-known nationwide. Held in honour of Chao Pho Thepharak-Chao Mae Thapthim, the guardian spirits of Nakhon Sawan province, the festivities include spectacular processions of Chao Pho-Chao Mae Paknam Pho and Chao Mae Kuan-im (Guan Yin) going along the main streets in Nakhon Sawan municipality. The procession comes with breathtaking acrobatic performances such as climbing up an over 10-meter pole to get the money reward in the top, golden dragon parades, lion-dance show and angel parade.


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