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Could not agree with you more. ITS THE LAW OF THE COUNTRY ! ! We 'should' all know that before entering. OK 20k seems a lot of cash to have in your pocket at one time, but considering the alternative of been refused entry, it's not worth whinging about. 99% of the time you are never asked to show, BUT you could be that 1%

It's not that kind of market

If you have received SETV visa in your country. It will be valid for 60 days and can then be extended further 30 days at your local immigration in Thailand. Giving you total 90 days, perfect timing. : )

Nice pictures! Thanks for the useful information!

Pls. Help me with the confusion with regards Re-entry permit. My daughter is studying in Thailand and her visa is valid till march next yr. She will be travelling to india in Oct. Due to University timings she is unable to tale off and apply in advance fr re-permit entry at immigration facilities at chaengwattana etc. Pls help me understand how to do this at the airport?. 1. Does she need to produce boarding pass fr re entry or a co formed ticket will suffice? 2. If the above is not needed ahe can reach airport in advance (like 4hrs before flight) and do the re entry stamping? 3. Is this re-entry after security or before? Bcoz if after security means she has to collect her boarding pass n thn only proceed. 4. considering the huge lines fr immigration etc its totally rushed so what is the best way to get her stamping done without the fear of.missing her flight? Would appreciate if I can be guided. I came bck frm bkk last month but was in Dep3 and they said its only in dep 2gate?

You can only travel via land and Burma twice in one year, then you have to go to immigration office for thirty day extension, which can be done only once, then you have to leave the kingdom and return by air for a further visa

Steam Engine Train from Bangkok to Nakhon Pathom is scheduled on 12th August 2017. Time of departure is 08:10am from Bangkok and depart Nakhon Pathom at 16:10pm. Tickets for 3rd class ordinary is 250THB return. Available as of 5 minutes ago.. i.e. 9th Aug 2017 12:55pm Thailand Time. I am going HuaLampong to buy my ticket later today evening after work.

I'm flying back to BKK with a non-imm single visa already used. I forgot to apply for a reentry permit when I left BKK. What should I do now? I guessing I'll just get in as a tourist since I'm allowed 30 day stay as a US citizen and then reapply for a new visa with my work permit???

Would you know if there are any souvenirs on offer here? Many thanks

Where is the bus stop in Lumpini to go to the don muang airport ?

Bus time table please

It depends on your previous history. There is now a directive in place to prevent more than two Visa exempt entries at land border crossings within a 12 month period. There is currently no restriction by air. Ensure you are carrying 20,000 baht in cash when applying for your 30 day extension in CM, and when arriving back at the airport. You would have been better advised to obtain a single entry Tourist Visa, allows 60 days entry and can be extended another 30 days at local Immigration.

There are no ATM's in arrivals before going through Immigration channels, so debit, credit cards are useless in this situation. Cash must therefore be carried in transit. It doesn't have to be THB, any currency is accepted.

Seriously if you can't afford to have that much CASH on you then you shouldn't be there on holiday. Okay you may have it in plastic so then make sure you convert that to CASH before you go through immmigration, for those of you worrying about pickpockets then put your money somewhere safer. It's a law of entry to Thailand if they choose to enforce it is up to them... be prepared to comply with it or not it's your choice... but why have a whinge about it

Hello, I'm American, arrived in Bangkok on 01 Aug and received 30 day exempt stamp. I will renew in Chiang Mai for another 30 to take me to the end of Sep, but my flight to leave the country isn't scheduled until 15 Sep. I know I can't get another extension, but can I leave and return via air during the extension and be allowed to stay until 15 Sep? I'm willing to spend a long weekend in Yangon or elsewhere. Thanks for your help.

I have been to Thailand countless times as a genuine tourist and 20,000 can last me a month. What you define as a genuine tourist is actually a big-spending tourist, and not all genuine tourists are here to splash their cash.

Buy a Returnticket in Germany its allmost cheaper than anOneway and you wont have any problem.

Interesting point about the Return airline ticket requirement - i have entered Thailand many times on only a one-way ticket with no problem - haven't ever been asked about it. But then again, i have only ever entered with a Non-Immigrant Cat 'O' 1-year visa, not as a Tourist. This also connects with the old assumption that the airlines themselves won't let you fly with a one-way ticket to Thailand for fear that they would have to bear the cost of a return flight if one was thrown out of LoS - never had a problem. [Completely agree with Charlie to Dean - 20,000 goes a long way for an experienced long-stayer especially up in Isaan !]

The funny thing is, for a genuine tourist, 20000 baht would last less than a week, but for a long-stay person in a rented apartment who knows where to get a 40 baht meal, 20,000 baht can last a month.

Well, it's not really the TAT's responsibility. It's basically a stop gap while we wait for Immigration to release a statement. But don't hold your breath.

Is anyone the wiser after reading the answers? Especially Q5, all waffle ,no clear answer.

It's a total Thai cock up again, by the sound of it , som nam na TIT.

"In addition, holders of tourist visa must be able to prove that they have adequate finances equivalent to at least 20,000 Baht per person or 40,000 Baht per family. For on-arrival-visa tourists, they must be able to prove that they have adequate finances equivalent to at least 10,000 Baht per person or 20,000 Baht per family." So why are some people, according to reports, being required to show cash when they have reasonable proof of "adequate finances"?

20000 baht wouldn't last a few days never mind a month or more so it's just another inconvenience Nobody wants to come here now so it's time to look after tourist like the Neighbours hard times ahead for Thailand

The Immigration Officers sometimes insist on seeing the money IN CASH, and not in the form of Debit/Credit Cards, or combination of part cash and part cards. Carrying so much cash on one's person is an inconvenience and carries a risk of losing all of it in a robbery.

The most important question was never asked though... In the age of digital banking, debit and credit cards and the threat of pickpockets on international flights, why are people only allowed to show CASH, with according to reports not being allowed to withdraw the funds from an ATM?

Hi Richard, Planning a family trip in December. Please advise, if any news, when will this yearvbloom to visit the sunflower fields? Many thanks.

Correct, a well signed desk n the back corner. Very simple and easy. For reference, if you are flying business or on fast track, if you need the service they open the door up to let you go to the desk and then let you back in again. Very easy, just ask as you enter security and they sort it out. To re-confirm, you need nothing but your passport and boarding pass as of 30 June 2017.

May I know the time schedule for A4 Bus Route?

Thanks Mr.richard for this helpful info. I'm looking for the trourist info on Bangkok for my family vacation. Very happy to get a list of places where I can buy if you do.

Do they still do multiple re-entry at Suvarnabhumi?

Richard the re entry permit desk in in the immigration hall but BEFORE you pass through immigration.

When you go past check in, go up the escalator and go through to the immigration hall for foreigners. The re-entry booth is in the left corner before you pass immigration. You can fill out a form and get the photo taken there. When you renter Thailand, just re enter as normal and show your re entry permit you received before you left.

The latest I observed myself is that it's after immigration. But make sure you tell them you want re-entry in case it has moved again.

Hi i just have a question. If i exit in myanmar and back to thailand again how many day? Can I just stay in myanmar 2days only and back to thailand again?

If I ask someone at Savarnabhumi Airport for information/help about the re-entry visa, will they be able to explain anything? Everything changes all the time, and even though I've read this thread a couple times, I'm still not sure how to get back into this country. :)

Hi Richard, I will need a re-entry permit at Suvarnabhumi Airport this week. My question is exactly where to obtain the permit? There are various passport control points (two major immigration halls and at least two business class - Thai Airways and 'others') I am flying on BA business class. Do they all have re-entry permit desks? From what I understand above the permit is issued after security check and before passport control? When I passed through last time I asked after immigration and they said the re-entry permit was issued after passing passport control. Sorry for the number of questions but from my own queries and looking at the information online, it is not clear. Thanks in advance. D

Not any longer as it's on the other side of the Immigration counter.

Hi! I would like to confirm if I can get the re-entry permit at the airport in advance? Thank you.

You can get re-entry at the airport in the immigration hall when you fly out. But most tourists don't do this as it costs 1,000 Baht and also because many nationals get a free 30 days when they fly in.

HELLO RICHARD WE HAVE A SINGLE ENTRY VISA (already used) that expires in JULY, BUT WE WOULD LIKE TO Go TO VIETNAM before the expiration date AND THEN GO BAck TO THAILAND FOR A FEW DAYS. CAN WE APPLY APPLY FOR A RE ENTRY PERMIT AT BKK BEFORE BOARDING OUR FLIGHT TO VIETNAM? how long in advance do you recommend us to do this? we would really appreciate your help!

Torben, Apparently you have a short memory. You are the guy who tells people to "not smoke so you won't fall for the possible trap at the Laos border" and "just take the train so you can't be scammed by taxi's, etc". And now you are insisting that the false change thing is also "not a scam" since - in your OPINION it doesn't happen all the time. Yes... that is arrogant. The whole point of the existence of this page is that Thailand is FRAUGHT with scams and to warn visitors to be aware of them - all of them - not merely the one's that YOU have decided in your myopic view are "common enough" to be scams. Unlike you, most of us aren't living in Thailand as english teachers - we are visiting and it's our right to warn others about all the dishonest, lying, cheating, and scamming slimebags that are prolific there - particularly in Bangkok, Pattaya and even the islands/Phuket. I've lived around NYC my entire life and not ONCE has anything like this happened to me here. Thais have taken scams to a level of art and many tourists are viewed as little more than walking ATMs by the locals. The land of smiles that I first experienced 17 years ago is long gone. I can be totally trusted because I care about PROTECTING and WARNING others, not trying to force my little views on them to live as you do.

Do not listen to Jeff. If anybody is arrogant here it is Jeff who thinks he knows me, even though he has never met me. What he says about me is not true. I never claimed that Thais can do no wrong. There are many scams in Thailand. But the bus conductors in Bangkok are not part of a scam to defraud foreign passengers of their change. That is what I said. And I stand by this statement. I fail to see how this can make me an arrogant person.

Don't listen to Torben. He's consistently an arrogant jackass who thinks that Thais can do no wrong and that YOU somehow screwed-up when the Thai in question is clearly NOT "just being friendly" and trying hard to not give you back your change. Thais are the LEAST trustworthy people I've met in all my travels. Two important rules: 1. Always carry lots of SMALL bills so you never need more than a bit of small change. 2. NEVER EVER trust any Thai who approaches you - under any circumstances. When this does (and it will) just smile wave and say "thank you bye bye. thank you bye bye now". Or say something back in an obscure language like Portugese like "Obrigado, Obrigado". Guaranteed - that person is a lying scumbag - don't waste your time.

Never been scammed, but boy do I have experienced people trying. Here is what I cannot wrap my mind around: why would ANYONE take advice on where to buy a suit.. from a TUKTUK driver???? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

The incredibly stupid reply by Masaomi Eric can not be ignored: No: In general you will never be scammed by a bus conductor.. Thousands of farangs take buses every day in this country, and this is NOT a known problem at all. The generalization lies not in rejecting that being scammed by a bus conductor is an unheard-of problem. The generalization lies in mongering fear about taking a local bus in Thailand. Statistically, I´d say it is much more likely that the guy who was "cheated on a 50 baht note (LOL!!!!)" himself messed the transaction up.

hi Richard i am a US citizen and traveling to Thailand with my Filipino wife we want to tour around Thailand for 2 or 3 months how is it we can stay without any hassles or complications when we arrive in Bangkok and they ask for exit ticket back to Philippines

Flying tomorrow at 2AM. Can anyone CONFIRM that re-entry is open 24 hours please?

Like before, tourists are not expected to dress in black. However, if they plan to attend the cremation, then they should wear black. As to what is affected, we are waiting for the Ministry to release the travel advisory. I will update you as soon as I hear something.

“The only tourist attraction to be affected will be The Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.” Is this response not a bit disingenuous by your standards Richard. Is the tourism ministers inadvertent warning that Bangkok will not be business as usual during the cremation period not a good thing. The entire country will be in a very sombre mood and will likely revert to the same rules that were in place during the initial mourning period, i.e. it will be mandatory to dress in black, all TV and media will be monochrome, all entertainment venues will be closed and the sale of alcohol will be prohibited or severely restricted.

What kind of politics is going on with such regular false news ? Why no one is punished for such false news ?

Great, I will try it out in July; in 2015 the train to CM from BKK was a bit harsh, but was sill a blast..

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about 10 years visa I want to know updates about section 1.4 (insurance) I'm 77 years too old to obtain any insurances, what can I do?

Hi Richard, I am a British national and I plan to fly to Thailand on a 60 day tourist visa. Would i be okay with a one way ticket and then a air Asia ticket leaving the country? or will i need a return ticket? could you also let me know if a one way ticket is enough with a 60 day visa. I have a job lined up but have not accepted yet, i wish to decide once I am there and if all is good I will apply for a non immigrant b Visa.

You can only renew this once

i readed you need to fly the same day,my flight is at 1 am,i will get my re entry at 10 pm ,is there a problem

Hi there, I first arrived in Bangkok, Thailand March 28th with the normal 30-day visa. I'm from the states. I then extended my visa on April 26th in Chiang Mai. My current visa runs out on May 26th. Is it possible to get another 30-day extension in Chiang Mai or will I have to do a visa run this time? I'm completely new to this and all the information I find by google seems to be really out of date or contradicts. Kind Regards!

Yes, if you arrived without a visa from an embassy. But you can renew once for 1,900 Baht at your local Immigration

I was told by immigration officer as I entered the country of Thailand that I had to leave before 30 days. Is this normal visa, being an American?

Great, thanks for the feedback.

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